RTBPF's Vision

The intention is to establish the confederation as an independent non-profit organization in the private sector. And it aspires to be another major organization in Thai society, in the sector of organizations that protect people’s rights and interests. The confederation is not a specialist organization, but rather a future organization that must be in accordance with Thai social behavior and pushed in a situation where society is shifting to the third wave of social dynamics.

  1. To propose a campaign to develop a legally licensed professional organization, as well as other key professions in society, to encourage vocations connected to the use of media to be recognized as a professional institution, an important professional, as another standard in Thai society. To make it be an organization that establishes standards, qualifies audits, regulates and guides professional practices and personnel quality in related sectors by utilizing the form of forming a “Federation of Accounting Professions” with the Specific Occupation Act.
  2. To be a non-profit organization dedicated to the well-being of radio and television broadcasting professionals who are members of the confederation.
  3. To engage with and advise the National Radio and Television Broadcasting Frequency Management Committee, as well as to collaborate in any way that benefits all members.
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