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According to The Radio-Television Broadcasting Professional Confederation, is an organization founded by a group of professionals. From the past to the present, professions in radio and television broadcasting have forecasted the granting of awards. There’s not a single award where the judges are true radio and television professionals. Which will be able to bring to the selection both intellectual and artistic skills gained through real-world experience. This will help to communicate the information to the rest of society. It also demonstrates the possibilities of people in the radio and television industry who are skilled and experienced. A ceremony honoring radio and television workers was conducted to establish a new standard for professional entrepreneur award judging.

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1.To enlighten society about the radio and television professions.

2.To demonstrate the radio and television industry’s potential.

3.To raise awareness of and understanding of the role of radio and television broadcasting professional associations and professionals in society.

4.To promote and assist radio and television professionals in their work.

Award Category

Television Award Category

1.Best Drama

2.Best Director

3.Best Actress

4.Best Actor

5.Best Supporting Actress

6.Best Supporting Actor

7.Best Casting

8.Best Screenplay

9.Best Drama Theme Song

10.Best Drama Series

11.Best Costumes

12.Best Editing

13.Best Cinematography

14.Best Art Direction

15.Best Drama and Series (Online Platform)

16.Best Original Drama and Series Screenplay (Online Platform)

17.Best Actress (Online Platform)

18.Best Actor (Online Platform)

19.Drama Series of The Year Award (Online Platform)

1.Best News Program

2.Best News Telling Program

3.Best Hard Talk Program

4.Best Male Anchor

5.Best Female Anchor

6.Best News Scoop

7.Best Game Show

8.Best Talk Show

9.Best Variety Show

10.Best Documentary

11.Best Children's Program

12.Best Sports Program

13.Best Live Sports Program

14.Best Sports Commentator

15.Best Moderator

Radio Award Category

1.Best News and Information Station

2.Best Music and Entertainment Station

3.Best News and Information Moderator

4.Best Music and Entertainment Moderator

5.Best Music and Entertainment Program

6.Best News and Information Program

7.Best Online Radio Station

8.Best Local Station, Music and Entertainment

9.Best Local News and Information Station

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