RTBPF's Mission

The Radio-Television Broadcasting Professional Confederation (RTBPF) is an organization that represents entrepreneurs, professionals, and others interested in all aspects of radio and television broadcasting. And is responsible for every member’s career security, as well as every association that joins all forms of member associations. Any activity, whether directly or indirectly related to members. It refers to the Federation’s Executive Committee’s mission.

  1. To contribute to the process of media reform in accordance with the meaning and intent of the Kingdom of Thailand’s Constitution 1997 and other related legislation. There are rules that are based on suitable social and cultural circumstances. Also, consider the requirements of the people as well as the national interests.
  2. To utilize this organization as a member representative organization, create unity among members. Taking all measures necessary to preserve the interests of members, including national and public interests, without violating the law.
  3. To obtain acceptability from the entire society, cultivate relationships and seek understanding among members. It is a framework for setting guidelines, in order to participate in the service of social responsibility in the area of radio and television broadcasting and other related media. And to seek cooperation from all parties to jointly solve problems with an emphasis on upholding the law and socio-cultural systems.
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